Notes from New Bedford: Part 12 – Dice Hate Me Buildings


I previously mentioned that I had originally created some promo buildings for New Bedford, based on games I enjoyed and was inspired by. One of them was the Coffee Roaster inspired by VivaJava: The Coffee Game. Then, once I played Brew Crafters, I decided I needed a Brewery, too. So when I signed with DHMG, I knew I had to make some promo buildings based on previous DHMG games. Plus, that’s something of a tradition, as you can see a lot of self-referential callbacks in the other games if you know where to look.


The DHMG set includes another 5 buildings. The Brewery for Brew Crafters reflects the ongoing cost of owning a brewery expansion in that game, but gives a bunch of food and $2, reflecting the sale of a batch of beer. The Coffee Roaster for VivaJava: The Coffee Game, represents the random pull of coffee beans from the roaster bag. The Loading Dock for The Great Heartland Hauling Co. includes loading and unloading cargo. Finally, Unpub Labs for Compounded brings in a little bit of (forced) trading, while also calling back to the role Unpub has played in both games’ success.

The bonus building associated with these is the Publishing House, which, of course, earns points for collecting those special buildings. I had a lot of fun creating these buildings because I enjoy the games so much. I’ve always said that I don’t just work with Dice Hate Me Games, I’m also a client. And I’m looking forward to needing to make a second set of DHMG buildings some day soon.

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