A mysterious device has the potential to change the future. And the past. Across 12 episodes by 4 designers, you will unlock the mysteries of time travel, change history, and hopefully save the future.

Each episode brings a new twist on a central mechanism, as 2 teams of scientists compete to learn more about the device, research events on the timeline, and hunt for key components that will allow them mastery over time. Each episode occurs in a different time and place, from Elizabethan England to earth’s Lunar Colony, so you never know exactly where you’ll end up next.

About Supertall

TimeStamp is the 2018 Boardgame of the Month postcard from Buttonshy, with each month bringing a new episode, which can be played independently.

Core mechanic design by Nat Levan. Episodes designed by Nat Levan, Jason Tagmire, Mike Mullins, Joshua J Mills.

Player count: 2 players

Player Ages: 10+

Setup Time: Less than 1 minute

Play Time: About 20 minutes

Game Mechanics: Area Control, worker placement, push your luck, dice rolling, resource management, and more…

Degree of Randomness: Varies based on episode. Dice are usually involved, but episodes offer different means to mitigate some of that randomness.

Degree of Conflict: Varies based on episode. Always indirect conflict through blocking of action spaces. Some episodes include direct conflict.

Replayability: Each month is unique, and each month has multiple ways to play.

What’s Included

12 Episode postcards, showing action spaces

1 card with 23 tokens: 8 player tokens in 2 colors, an action token, and 5 neutral tokens

1 rule book and story book.

3 or more dice are required to play but not included


How To Play

The base mechanic involves sending a scientist to use one of the four action spaces in the corners. The opponent must choose a different action space on their turn. Action spaces help you manipulate dice, resources, and scientists, that help you manage time and research on tracks in the center of the board. Players will have to deal with a number of obstacles that vary from episode to episode, in order to reach their research and/or time goals. How these actions, scientists, and resources act, vary widely from episode to episode. There’s never a dull moment when you’re traveling through time.