One Card Wonder


A game of Colossal plans in tiny proportions. One Card Wonder is a light and wonder building game that plays in about 15 minutes, and still fits on your table with up to 6 players. Players collect resources through a hybrid cube-drawing mechanic, where leftovers become the public supply. Trade extra resources for gold and use both to construct your wonder and its unique support buildings. Race to build the most impressive wonder to claim eternal fame and glory.

About One Card Wonder

One Card Wonder debuted at UNPUB 5.

Player count: 2 to 6

Player Ages: 8+

Setup Time: Less than 1 minute

Play Time: About 20 to 25 minutes (even with 6 players)

Game Mechanics: Resource Management, Resource Drafting, Set Collection, Unique Player Abilities, Negotiation/Trade, Engine Building,

Degree of Randomness: Resource collection is semi-random, but influenced by other players

Replayability: Mix and match 14+ Wonders and 8 sets of buildings, for a different setup each time.

What’s Included

1 cloth bag

12 8mm resource cubes in each of 5 colors: black, gray, yellow, brown, and red.

64 wonder cubes for marking progress

4 10mm meeples in each player color (yellow, green, blue, red, gray, and black in the Printable version)

Player reference cards

14+ Unique double-sided Wonder cards

8+ themed building sets with player supply spaces

General supply/setup reference

20 gold coins

How To Play

Each player receives a card that shows a Wonder of the ancient world., and a set of support buildings. The multiple stages of the wonder must, of course, be built from the ground up, while the buildings may be built in any order. Players have 4 worker meeples and a personal supply of resources, and there is a general supply. The resource supply bag moves from player to player to indicate whose the active player is.

You take one one of 4 actions per turn. You may Draw 3 cubes from the cloth supply bag and add one to your personal supply. The other two are added to the general supply. You may Take all resources of one type from the general supply. However, you may hold only 8 resources at a time in your supply, so if you Draw or Take more than 8 resources you must choose some to return to the general supply. You may Build a level of the wonder or a building by paying its resource cost from your supply. Your workers mark individual buildings as you build them, unlocking abilities. Finally, you may Sell pairs of matching goods to the supply in exchange for coins. Coins can be used as a wild resource, but also appear in some wonder costs. Resources used to build or sell return to the supply bag, and coins used return to the coin supply.

In games of 4 or more players, players may also trade. Trading occurs off-turn, that is, it can involve anyone except the active player. You may negotiate and trade freely with other players, but you must stop negotiating once you receive the supply bag and become the active player. The longer you spend on your turn, the more opportunity your opponents have to make deals.

The first player to complete his or her wonder wins!


  1. I am going to be quite bold here:

    Make sure your MSRP is $14.99 or less. Empire Engine was a nice stocking stuffer, or gift, at its lower “Why Not?” Price-point.

    I have played the previous v1.2 and it moved at a good clip. Very satisfied with where it ended up in the evening lineup. As a fast moving filler, or during eating, it is a great choice as it is a 1-handed game (someone holds the bag for you to draw from).

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