Resources for Designers


Oakleaf Games has participated in several UNPUB events and encourages you to join and support the UNPUB network

Print and Play Productions

We have used Print and Play Productions for making prototype coins, boxes and wooden bits. This is a great site to make or buy components for prototypes, and print & play games.

Cardboard Edison

Another great resource for game designers, collecting and sharing some of the best game design articles on the web.

Boardgames and Designers

Boards and Barley

Website where @EdPMariott talks boardgame design, upcoming projects and good brews.

Dr Wictz Games

Designers of Post Position, with some interesting thoughts on gaming

Dice Hate Me

Home of the State of Games podcast

Ministry of Board Games

Curator of #BoardGameHour on Twitter

Games Precipice

Excellent detailed discussion of a lot of game design concepts

League of Gamemakers

More detailed discussion of game design concepts, plus general gaming-related stories

Hyperbole Games

Grant Rodiek discusses game design

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