Buttonshy Nanodaptions

A series of games I developed based on Buttonshy Wallet games, available as part of the quarterly Wallet Game Kickstarter Campaigns (WGKS) or Boardgame of the Month (BGotM).

Pont d’Avignon

Based on Avignon by John duBois, as part of the January 2017 WGKS

2-Player game of Faith, Fealty and Floods.

Secretly choose which hand wields the power of the church, in a tug of war for influence. Or build the bridge across the Rhône, to withstand a series of floods. Score after each Flood, and after 4, the player with the most influence wins.

Comes with 1 card and rules, supply a few tokens to play.


Based on Ahead in the Clouds by Daniel Newman, due out shortly as part of a 2017 BGotM package

Use your limited actions to condense and convert the four basic resources, shared between both players. Bank an action for later or flip the card with a Cloudburst to bring different actions and contracts into play. Time it right to send them out and fill contracts. The first player to fill 3 contracts wins.

Wagon Wheels

Based on Circle the Wagons by Stephen Aramini, Danny Devine, and Paul Kluka, as part of the April 2017 WGKS

In the tiny wild west, you and an opponent circle your wagons around the board to score points for the cattle, guns, and forts. Each corner also has unique scoring conditions based on the locations of those items. Control a corner to score even more.

The largest nanodaption yet comes with 15 coins, and 2 2-sided cards for more options (or substitute pocket change).

Chill Pill

Based on Fever Chill by Kenneth Thompson, as part of the July 2017 BGotM

Now you play the viruses competing to infect a body. Players simultaneously infect a part of the body to increase their infection level, but too many viruses in one place also raises the temperature. The doctors always target the virus with the highest temperature, so you can only win by infecting faster than the doctors can treat or outlasting your fellow viruses.

This game is back to basics, with two board variations on one two-sided card and a rule card. Just add 2 tokens per player (and an optional die) to play anywhere from 2-4, 5, 6, or more.

Micro Drift

Based on Turbo Drift by Rob Cramer as part of the September 2017 BGotM

Based on one of my earliest attempts at game design, Micro Drift has players swerving wildly around an arena to collect a set of four flags. Grab a boost or chevron and watch out for oil. After moving, you steer by rotating a quadrant of the board, which rearranges the paths and can force your opponents to head in different directions.

This comes with 4 two-sided cards and a rule sheet. Cut out the tokens and fold the Car standees to bring the game to life.


Based on HeroTec by Duane Kolar, as part of the November 2017 WGKS

Coming Soon. Test out your new superhero devices and assemble a set of four. Move around the workshop, spinning the action grid to access new movement options and block your rival from them, use the movements to maneuver your pieces around the lab, and activate some of the powers to Spin, Leap, Dash and Shove your way to a complete set of devices before your rival.

This comes with 2 cards and rules. Cut out the 10 tokens from one of the cards, or use your own.