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September Update

It’s almost the end of September, and this is the first post I’ve written since the end of July. I’ve been remarkably busy working on my house, working on new games, and just plain working, which hasn’t left me the time to write. Up through July this was a very successful year for writing, but unfortunately I will not be maintaining that pace as I go into the final three months of the year. I will continue to post updates on my game designs, but long form articles on general game design subjects are taking a break.

On to game news, then.

If you haven’t heard of it, Buttonshy Games is running a Boardgame of the Month Club. Each month you get a new postcard (in a neat envelope) with a game from a different designer, based around this year’s theme of cult movies. I’m the designer of next month’s game (along with help from some budding designer friends in my regular gaming group). So if you want a copy, you have just a week left—up to September 30th—to subscribe to the Patreon above. I’m under orders not to give away any clues to the movie, so sorry to leave you all in the dark.

Oh, and speaking of games next month, Buttonshy also runs a short Kickstarter for games in their Wallet line. I’ve started working with them to create some extra goodies for future campaigns. And (hint hint) that’s a good reason to keep an eye open for next month’s Ahead in the Clouds by Daniel Newman, a surprisingly heavy game about very light things. I played it and it’s a great little thinky game.

New Bedford is hitting retail. Due to some manufacturing issues, there were some tiles that needed to be reprinted. More information, including a FAQ and Errata, is available on Board Game Geek. The Dice Tower took a look at New Bedford and Rising Tide recently, and I’m really happy with their take. [Spoilers: they liked it.]

That’s all for this month. Next month, I’ll be able to talk more about the Boardgame of the month, and hopefully give even more details of some of the projects I’m working on.


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Hittin’ the Rocky Road

RockyRoadMainIt’s the first day of summer! And Green Couch games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a seasonally appropriate new game: Rocky Road a la Mode, by designer Joshua J Mills. It’s a great little game with amazing artwork by Adam McIver that plays a little like Splendor, but with a time track turn order mechanism and multi-use cards. Players play music to attract customers, serve ice cream, and earn points and permanent resources in a quick race to the finish.

And as part of the campaign, I’m pleased to announce that you can also get a new microgame I designed to support the campaign, called Rocky Road: Dice Cream. With a single card, a few tokens and dice, you can take a little scoop of Rocky Road everywhere you go. I’ll be back tomorrow with more details of how the game works, and the process behind its creation.

Rocky Road a la Mode is a scoop of engine building, with a scoop of resource management, and a scoop of time management in a family friendly cone. So if you like great little games, please check out Rocky Road a la Mode and Dice Cream on Kickstarter!DiceCreamInset


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The Time is Now!


Time Management has launched on Kickstarter in the near future, right now! (I forget which is which).

It’s all a big joke, but the campaign is 100% real, like last year’s successful campaign. Please take a look and consider backing Time Management, along with the two other meta games: Trick Taking, and Traitor Mechanic.

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Announcing Time Management

I’m happy to announce that Time Management: The Time Management Game is one of the winners of the Greater Than Games ____: The ____ Game contest! Time Management, previously known as Human Resources, will be published under the Dice Hate Me Games imprint as a Rabbit-size game as part of this year’s April Fools Kickstarter campaign. Also included are Traitor Mechanic: the Traitor Mechanic Game and Trick Taking: the Trick Taking Game. While the concept of  these meta-games started as a joke with last year’s Deck Building: the Deckbuilding game, these games are absolutely real, and will need your support when the campaign launches at the end of the month. Read the rest of this entry »

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Anticipated games of 2016

Thanks to everyone who voted for New Bedford to be nominated for the Most Anticipated Games of 2016 on BoardGameGeek.

Voting is now open, for BGG members! We don’t have much chance of beating some of 2015’s powerhouses in the overall vote, but please also scroll down and give us a vote in the History category.

Thanks everyone!

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2015 Wrapup and 2016 goals

Last January, I wrote about my gaming goals and plans for 2015, and this year, I’m looking back at those goals and setting some new ones for 2016. Read the rest of this entry »

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Game of the Month Club

buttonshyAlong with 11 other designers, I was privileged to be invited to be a designer as part of ButtonShy Games‘ Game of the Month Club in 2016. This will be a subscription service through Patreon, where you can contribute $5 a month and each month, you’ll receive a new postcard with a game on one side and awesome art on the other side. The games (and the art) are inspired by this year’s theme, Cult Classic Movies.

The games will also require some extra pieces, but only ones that would be readily available, such as a deck of standard playing cards, a pair of dice, a few tokens, and maybe a pen and paper. You won’t need to keep a pile of fancy components around. And all of the games will come inside an envelope—not mailed as a postcard—so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged in the mail.

Since this is intended to be sort of a surprise every month, I can’t really reveal any details about the game I’ve designed, or reveal the month or movie the game is based on. But I’ll say that the movie I chose was the first that came to my mind, so I’m really happy to get the chance to make the game.

I’m really excited to be a part of this, and if you want to learn more about the project, including a full list of designers and movies, you can look at this posted update. If it looks interesting to you, please consider supporting it on the ButtonShy Patreon page.


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