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New Year New Games New Plans

It’s been quite a while, but I’m finally back with some updates! I’ve been quite busy with the birth of my first child at the start of the year, but I’m finally getting into a routine again. Here’s what happened in the meantime:

Time Management: The Time Management Game arrived with backers and is now available in stores. This makes it my third officially published game. It’s come a long way! On the left, a very early prototype, back when it was called Human Resources. In the middle, the version I submitted to the publisher. And on the right, the final version.

humanresources_earlyproto 20170212_123740.jpg 20170212_123817.jpg

truckNew Bedford tile reprints have finally shipped out. So if you haven’t gotten yours, or you bought the game in retail, you can email to get your replacement tiles.

I’ve been preparing for Unpub 7 in March. I only have a Tag Table this year, but I’ll be showing two new prototypes. These are both quick family friendly games that I’m looking to really tighten up:

  • ’52 Pickup, where players take turns collecting car parts from the junkyard in order to repair their ’52 Pickup.
  • Iceburgh. A workerless worker placement game about a town built on sliding blocks of ice

iceburghtitleAnd I’ll be working with the fabulous TC Petty III to show off a card game we’re codesigning, codename DECIMATE. It is a game about reality cooking competitions, and while it looks like a trick taking game, it doesn’t play like one.

I’ll also have several additional experimental prototypes that I might get to.

  • New Bedford expansion prototypes. A lot of different things from more buildings, to mini expansions, to big box expansions that extends the game and adds whole new routes to victory.
  • New Bedford Card Game spin-off. This is still very preliminary will still be early in testing, but it aims to hit a lighter mid-weight 30 minute mark.
  • Titusville: A big box game of Trains, Oil, Industry, and Pennsylvania History.
  • My movie game, previously Now Playing, previously Role Selection. The game is nearly in its complete form, but I still need to find the right title.
  • Rolling Through Town, a city-building roll-and-write game I’ve been working on that uses a shared board instead of individual sheets. Grab a copy!
  • Nano games for Buttonshy. I’ll be contributing some Nano games to the Boardgame of the Month and Wallet Games Kickstarter campaigns. Come check out a hint of what’s ahead.

Speaking of Buttonshy, my first “Nanodaption” was Pont d’Avignon, based on Avignon: a Clash of Popes. It was available as an addon for the January campaign for Avignon: Pilgrimage. I was really happy with the amount of theme that I was able to fit into this game, even though it’s only one card.

2015-16 was the year of small games for me. But 2017 will hopefully be the year of big games. I have at least 4 bigger games I want to get through, including Titusville and a reworked Terracotta Warriors (one of my early design attempts), and a few new ones, plus a couple of codesigns. I’m looking forward to a productive year.

Last but not least, I’ll be giving a talk at Bethany College this April about game design. I haven’t finalized the talk, but I will be focusing on the connections between my job as an eand my hobby as a board game designer. I’ll have more information for that soon!



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The Time is Now!


Time Management has launched on Kickstarter in the near future, right now! (I forget which is which).

It’s all a big joke, but the campaign is 100% real, like last year’s successful campaign. Please take a look and consider backing Time Management, along with the two other meta games: Trick Taking, and Traitor Mechanic.

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Sell, Sell, Sell!

Unpub 6 is coming up, and it’s time for me to gather the games I want to take. Besides the games, there’s something really important I need to take, and that’s Sell Sheets for each of the games I’m taking with me. I’m taking sell sheets for all of the games I’m going to play, even though I’m not planning on trying to pitch them all to publishers. There are several reasons behind that, and I want to share why I think they’re important, and how I create my sell sheets. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Brief History of Time Management: Part III: The Future


One of the first discussions after Time Management was announced, was about the overall look and feel. The GtG team really wanted to really dig into a retro-future look, and I’m in love with the direction they chose. Art Deco is one of my favorite styles, and really captures a similar feel to Bioshock and Metropolis [the 1927 film].

But in addition to art changes, I got some development notes for ways to improve the game experience. The big challenge is that this game will be on Kickstarter April 1st, and the campaign will only last for one week. That doesn’t leave much time to make big changes and test them, but one nice thing about working with a larger publisher is having a development team that can help really polish up the game. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Brief History of Time Management: Part II: The Present

Time Management will be on Kickstarter Next Friday, April 1st. No fooling!

The Story of Human Resources might have ended at the mostly-balanced prototype stage, as a functional game with a relatively boring theme [even by my standards of boring]. But when the Meta Game Challenge was announced, I saw an opportunity for it. Worker Placement would be a great pun, but the game didn’t include anything like worker placement as a mechanism. The game was more about managing cards, and “Card Management” works as a title. But the concept wasn’t fully clicking. What cards are you managing thematically? Are you working at a greeting card company? Maybe the office is moving around because everyone is a (practical) joker, and your office is full of “cards”? The theme was functional, but unless you lean into the theme of managing an office, it’s going to be really dull. Offices aren’t particularly sexy, unless you can pull off the Mad Men vibe or the combination of absurd and mundane in Office Space. This was a problem I still needed to solve. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Brief History of Time Management: Part I: The Past

Way back in the year 2014, Time Management started off as Human Resources, and was developed for the Dice Hate Me 54 Card Challenge. But the game was much different. Cards were a largely black and white affair, and were either patterns, abilities, or special ways to score. It was also fairly random and limited to 2 players. Both of these things needed to change. It took me several months to figure out two big changes that made the game really start to come together. Read the rest of this entry »

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Announcing Time Management

I’m happy to announce that Time Management: The Time Management Game is one of the winners of the Greater Than Games ____: The ____ Game contest! Time Management, previously known as Human Resources, will be published under the Dice Hate Me Games imprint as a Rabbit-size game as part of this year’s April Fools Kickstarter campaign. Also included are Traitor Mechanic: the Traitor Mechanic Game and Trick Taking: the Trick Taking Game. While the concept of ┬áthese meta-games started as a joke with last year’s Deck Building: the Deckbuilding game, these games are absolutely real, and will need your support when the campaign launches at the end of the month. Read the rest of this entry »

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