Announcing Time Management

I’m happy to announce that Time Management: The Time Management Game is one of the winners of the Greater Than Games ____: The ____ Game contest! Time Management, previously known as Human Resources, will be published under the Dice Hate Me Games imprint as a Rabbit-size game as part of this year’s April Fools Kickstarter campaign. Also included are Traitor Mechanic: the Traitor Mechanic Game and Trick Taking: the Trick Taking Game. While the concept of  these meta-games started as a joke with last year’s Deck Building: the Deckbuilding game, these games are absolutely real, and will need your support when the campaign launches at the end of the month.

In Time Management, players are Managers in the Office of Time Management, moving workers around to keep the space-time continuum working smoothly. You start with 24 hours to complete as many projects as possible by adding workers in the Past, Present, and Future departments to the office, finding projects they can work on by matching a pattern, and using your abilities to shuffle the workers around to complete projects. You can take up to 3 of these actions on a turn, and/or use your time to finish a project but each action costs you an hour. When you complete a project, you’ll earn some of that time back, and the player with the most time left at the end of the game wins.

There are 54 time cards evenly split among the three departments. And each card can be used in one of three ways. You can play any card as a project pattern, worth a number of hours based on the size and difficulty; you can use the card’s Manager ability (like Time Shift, or Time Hop) to move workers around in the office, or play any card face down as a worker. You need to manage your time, manage your workers, and manage time itself in order to come out ahead to save time and hopefully earn some time off.

I’ll be writing about the design and development of Time Management again in the next few weeks leading up to launch, and with your support, Time Management can be headed to you in a short time!


  1. #1 by Dan Cassar on March 9, 2016 - 1:52 am

    Awesome news! Congratulations, Nat!

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