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Organizing my Designs

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on a new system for organizing my game designs. I was digging through some folders and realized that there were games I had largely forgotten about after I set them aside. And my folder system was becoming clogged, making it hard to know where anything was. But perhaps more importantly, I realized that if I was going to focus on getting games published, I needed to be able to track more high-level information about these games. And my mind wasn’t quite up to that task. So I took some time, geeked out, and created a spreadsheet to track progress on all of my designs. It has been very helpful to me so far, and I thought it might be useful to share both the method and the madness. Read the rest of this entry »



How to Win

Recently, I’ve been looking at some of the things that make my games stand out [a subject I’ll return to shortly]. And one of the places I noticed that I wasn’t seeing much variety is the end conditions. So many of my game designs in process seem to be a pure contest of victory points. I wanted to start differentiating them to make sure I was doing different things, but I realized I didn’t know what my options were. So I wrote down a few I could think of and put out a call on Twitter for some more suggestions. Read the rest of this entry »


Avoiding the Sophomore Slump

A problem I’ve been concerned a lot with over the past year is avoiding a Sophomore Slump. New Bedford was my first game and a big success, and I was worried about being able to produce a second game that was just as successful and popular. There’s danger from both sides with that attitude. If I make a second game and it’s not as good, I’ve hit the slump. If I keep rejecting games waiting for that next great one, I also hit the slump. But now that I’ve officially got my second game announced, I have figured out what designers can do to avoid a sophomore slump. Read the rest of this entry »

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