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Notes from New Bedford: Part 16 – Removing a Player, Adding a Captain


The solo mode was the last thing to be added into New Bedford. But it was not a last minute addition. I had already started considering a solo mode before the initial campaign launched. At the time it was rough, and the extra few months I got before the relaunch enabled me to develop it considerably. Read the rest of this entry »



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Rules for non-readers

I’ve been writing a lot of rule books lately—polishing up the rules for New Bedford, writing and updating rules for submissions to the Greater than Games Metagame contest—and I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about rulebooks. Back in June of last year, Foxtrot Games talked about the challenges of writing rulebooks. This is a perfect reminder of why it’s so hard to write rules. You can’t just write rules for people who read them. You also have to write rules for people who don’t read them. I’ve also been teaching some new games lately, and so I am forced to admit that I rarely teach a new game without missing at least one important rule, so I must include myself in the latter group. Read the rest of this entry »

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Anticipated games of 2016

Thanks to everyone who voted for New Bedford to be nominated for the Most Anticipated Games of 2016 on BoardGameGeek.

Voting is now open, for BGG members! We don’t have much chance of beating some of 2015’s powerhouses in the overall vote, but please also scroll down and give us a vote in the History category.

Thanks everyone!

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2015 Wrapup and 2016 goals

Last January, I wrote about my gaming goals and plans for 2015, and this year, I’m looking back at those goals and setting some new ones for 2016. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s just a game

Something new happened to me over the holidays. I got my first hate mail about New Bedford.

Sure, there had been plenty of discussion of the game and criticism of the choice in theme, but until now it had all been directed at the game. This was a direct message to me, telling me to be ashamed for my creation. I knew I needed to write about why this person was completely wrong.  But this post isn’t about someone else, it’s about me and my relationship with boardgames. Read the rest of this entry »