See you at Metatopia

This year, I’ll be headed to Metatopia for the first time. Metatopia is an annual game design-centered event presented by Double Exposure in Morristown, NJ. I’ve missed it the past few years, but I finally am able to attend, and I’m bringing a few games. I can’t attend the whole weekend, but I’ll be there Friday night and most of Saturday. I have three playtests scheduled

I’ll have a newly updated One Card Wonder to show off and test. I’m trying a slightly different system for pairing buildings and wonders, so your feedback is important. You can try it from 9-11am or 4-6pm Saturday.

I’ll also have a brand new game to test; the working title is Cash Out. It’s a small game inspired by No Thanks!, For Sale, and High Society, where players are high stakes gamblers trying to beat the house and their other players. The simple premise is ante a chip to stay in, or take half the pot. The winner each round gets a big payout from the Casino. I’ll be showing that  2-4pm on Saturday.

More information, including exact locations, is available on the Metatopia website. Stop by and say hi!


  1. My first Metatopia Experience | Oakleaf Games

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