Design Update and Origins 2015

It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to find time to sit down and write about game design. Like anything, that’s good and bad. I’ve been focusing a lot more on playing and designing games, so I’ve made some progress on a few things I was working on. Here’s what’s been going on.

I had an amazing experience at a designer workshop weekend in April. I got in a great test of the revamped Titusville. It did not go well, but it showed me a new direction to take. I’ve been reworking the game based on that, and I’m getting excited for it. But I won’t have much to say until after I get done with…

New Bedford: I’ve been working on trying to expand the player count in both directions, adding a solo mode and laying the groundwork for a 5-player mode. Once I polish those modes, I’ll write about their development process. These might not be part of the basic game, but might be stretch goals in the…

New Bedford Kickstarter: which is re-scheduled for August 25th. Before then, we’re going to be sending out some review copies, and running demos at conventions. The next opportunity for that will be…

Origins Game Fair 2015: Stop by the Dice Hate Me Games/Greater than Games booth, #703, for ongoing demos, not only New Bedford, but also other upcoming Dice Hate Me Games, like Bottom of the 9th and Monster Truck Mayhem. This came together on short notice for me, but I’ll personally be there from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so stop by to check out New Bedford. After hours, I’ll be in the open gaming area, look for…

UNPUB’s Blue Noodle: I have some tests I’d like to try for New Bedford, including the 5 player game, and some extra buildings. I’ll also have One Card Wonder, which I will be trying to play as many games as possible. I’ll have a new, 33 card-game with me about building skyscrapers, which grew out of my microgame exercise. If 33 cards is too much, I’m testing a super tiny 1-card game. But that’s secret for now. I’ll probably also be working on those games at the…

UNPUB MINI at the Games Keep in Westchester. Stop by after noon for games from 14[!] great designers. Always a good time!

With a little luck I’ll be able to have some time to write more gaming articles. My plans include a multi-part discussion of playtesting feedback, an examination of Analysis Paralysis, defining Worker Placement, and several articles that would have been relevant to articles I’ve read over the last few months if I had written them on time.

I’ll also hopefully have an update after I get back from Origins and the Unpub Mini in the next few weeks. So come out and say hi this weekend or next. I promise not to talk your ears off about New Bedford, unless you ask. Have fun gaming!


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