A wild UNPUB 5 approaches!

It’s finally time for Unpub 5. Open to the general public 10 AM Saturday and Sunday. Come out and try well over a hundred games from 70+ designers.

I took until the last minute to choose what games I’m focusing on, but here’s the final rundown:

Dressed to the Nines. This is the new trick-taking game about bespoke tailoring. I’m looking for general guidance on how fun the game is.

New Bedford returns. Most importantly, I need to test out the Ship’s Log. It now includes positive and negative effect cards, Providence and Misfortune that really mix up the whaling. I’d like to try out a concept for supporting a 5th player, but I don’t know if it is at all balanced. Generally, I just want to show off and get more input on the expansion buildings.

One Card Wonder. This is a new tiny game. Not quite a microgame, but definitely inspired by the microgame concept. I have only tested it with 2 or 3, so I want to test up to at least 5, and generally check the balance.

Porcupine Hill.  This is my new game about drilling for oil in 1930s LA. I haven’t tested it at all yet, so I’m just hoping it works.

I won’t add game pages for these to this site until I get some feedback, and know for sure whether they’re going to work. Come down to Baltimore this weekend, and help me make that decision!

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