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New Bedford Review by Euro Board Game Blog

I recently had the pleasure of being contacted by Kyle Chivers over at his new site, Euro Board Game Blog (, about reviewing New Bedford. I happily obliged, and today he posted the first review of New Bedford!

Thanks for the review! I’m looking forward to reading future articles from Euro Board Game Blog.

We’ll have more news about additional reviews in the next few months!



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2014 Events – Origins and BGG.Con and PAX East

We just completed plans to attend two major conventions in 2014.

New Bedford will be at the 2014 Origins Game Fair at the Dice Hate Me Games Booth. I will personally be there teaching the game Saturday and Sunday!

Oakleaf Games will also be at BGG.Con 2014

More information on both of these events. will be added to the Events page as I have it.

In addition,  New Bedford made an appearance at PAX East in Boston this past weekend, a few pictures below. Thanks to the players and photographers!

Courtesy Mike Mullins (@BlueDevilDuke)

Courtesy Chris Kirkman (@DiceHateMe)

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Success as a Way to Alienate New Players

Everyone wants success for their game. Maybe you don’t even care about making money from the game, but you want to share your game with as large a crowd as possible. Maybe you just want to create a game that will be highly rated and stand the test of the time. That’s great. Some of the highest rated games on BoardGameGeek have been around for 10+ years, and have been played a huge number of times. And that’s a problem. Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: Morels – Trying to Find a Tasty Treat

Morels is a game for two players. It often turns up on lists of great games for two, or great games to play with your wife. My wife, though she plays less often than I do, is by no means a casual gamer, and she can hold her own in heavy strategy games. I decided to buy Morels as a light-to-medium game my wife and I could easily get to the table and play. While it fits that bill, after a few games, I remain unsure of how often we will actually play it. Read the rest of this entry »


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Review: The Builders: Middle Ages – Big Buildings Come in Small Packages

I had read only a little about The Builders: Middle Ages, but when I was buying myself some birthday presents at my friendly local game store, I saw it on the shelf and picked it up for less than $20. I figured it was small so it would at least be a good filler game to throw in a bag. I was not expecting the deep experience I got from it. Read the rest of this entry »

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New Bedford Now On BoardGameGeek

This is just a short update to let everyone know that there is now a New Bedford game page on! Become a fan of the game! Rate it if you’ve played it!

Meanwhile,  I’ve just completed early testing for a whole extra set of buildings. There are some fun powers in there, like more ways to manipulate ships, use buildings that haven’t been built, and new ways of earning money and points. I’m not ready to reveal much more at this point, but I’m excited to continue testing. Here’s a picture of the testing in progress!

Testing New Buildings


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