10 Acres Progress

I realize it’s been a while since I first introduced the game, so I wanted to show off some game details, and show the current state of the game.

First, the cards have been updated with more useful action icons. The default action now shows a cube being placed and the potential harvest action. This made it easier to include the more complex actions for some of the expansion crops and animals. Here are some of the revamped cards:

SheepVeg FruitAny1 HarvestGrain

I’m starting from cubes, because I think small cubes will be easier to use, and cheaper, which means you can add more to the game box, which means even more players could be possible!. But on the other hand, it would be really awesome to include animeeples and vegimeeples in the game, and would make game easier to use, in addition to looking cooler. I may dig around and see what pieces I can round up before Unpub 4.

Rule cards have been updated to show the associated actions and limits, with the harvest, grow, and end phase behavior ordered more logically. The limits for animals have been decreased, because they were running out frequently. This also balances the more powerful ability to place grown animals in any location. I formalized the special rules and scoring into a rule card as well.


From playtesting, the balance of the “Place any one” and “Harvest any one” actions were adjusted. The action card showing only those two actions was eliminated, because it was always the least desirable “Old Maid” of the cards. This has the benefit that every card allows you to place with a normal action, and reduces the number of cards to a nice round 20, so when the pile ends, the game ends (in two-player play).

I’m working on developing some extra animals and crops, and formalizing some “alternate” actions ideas into rule cards, as well, so I’ll cover some of them next time.



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