54 Card Challenge – Part 4: Ready to Go

This is the fourth part of my design notes. See the previous entries for more: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

With a theme chosen, I put together some graphics and a rulebook, and made a final prototype.I threw together a quick cubicle graphic for the back of the cards.


I had some interesting ideas for some unique abilities that didn’t quite fit in with the base game, and put together a mini-expansion of 4 pairs of cards. They worked great when I tested them out, but aren’t necessary for the base game.

I showed the game to a friend who was a bit skeptical on the office theme, who admitted that it does actually fit better than expected. Everything appears to work, although my wife/primary play-tester has determined that this is not her game of choice. I’m still trying to find a title for the game, and she suggested “Worker Placement”, which would be perfect, but there is already a game with that title coming out next year. I will still have to work that in. The working title will probably stay “Human Resources”.

After the last round of testing, I have only one small rule change for balance, and the game will be ready to go. Next time I’ll finish up this design series with a preview of the game.


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