Introducing 10 Acres

An early prototype of 10 Acres

10 Acres is a simple game about farming, designed to be played in about 10 minutes. Start by choosing your farm from unique arrangements of 10 empty plots. Over 10 turns, you alternate between playing a card you choose, and one your opponent has chosen for you. Each card gives you the choice from a pair of actions to add crops and animals to your farm. Harvest adjacent plots to make room for the new goods. At the end of each round, everything grows. The player who harvests the most profitable goods wins.

Gameplay takes elements of tile placement, time management, drafting, and resource conversion and squeezes it into a game that is fast and easy to learn and play.

The game is also designed to have plenty of variables to keep each game fresh and different. Special abilities, extra actions, and multiple crop and animal types will make each game different. 10 Acres is planned to debut at UNPUB 4. Watch for more posts about the process of designing this game.



  1. #1 by Paul Owen on December 3, 2013 - 3:03 am

    Oh, this looks interesting. Hope I get to see it at UnPub4.

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